Create your own tokens effortlessly with Phitoken, the magic tool that works on Phi network. Get a clear view of all your token creations and assets through the user-friendly lens of Phitoken. It's like having a wizard by your side, making the process fun and easy!

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tokenWizard Logo

About PhiToken

Step into the enchanting realm of Phitoken, your very own magical guide to crafting and managing Web3 tokens! This fantastical platform weaves its spell seamlessly across diverse blockchain networks, adding a sprinkle of magic to the creation and management of tokens. Glide through the decentralized wonders as Phitoken harmonizes with Phi wallets, creating a truly magical experience in the realm of token generation. Embrace the magic, where creating and managing tokens becomes an enchanting journey with Phitoken by your side!

Core Features of PhiToken

Meet Phitoken, your ultimate companion for bringing tokens to life in the exciting world of DeFi and blockchain! We make the creation and management of tokens a breeze in this ever-changing landscape. With Phitoken, deploying tokens on different chains is like magic – easy and effortless! It's your go-to solution for a hassle-free journey into the Web3 world, making crafting and managing tokens a walk in the park. Take the plunge into the decentralized universe with Phitoken, where creating and managing tokens is as simple as waving a wand!


Token Deployer

Connect your wallet to deploy your token on PHI chain.


Anti-Bot Functions

Fill in Token Information


Transaction History

Choose from the optional functions ranging from anti-bot, team allocation, etc.Easily review and verify all your transactions for transparency and security.


Different Chain Integration

Enjoy fast and easy token deployment